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VacuMaid Paper Vacuum Bags - 3 Pack

VacuMaid Paper Vacuum Bags - 3 Pack

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Three layer, non woven fabric bag with microliner replacement bag for VacuMaid models.

Replace at no more than ½ full or when lack of suction is noticed. 

When flat, bag measures 10” x 25 1/2”

This fits will the following Models:

SR36, SR36C, SR38, SR50, SR52, SR52H, SR66, SR760, SR800, H-1P, P70,  P80, H2, P73, P75, MK-IP, MK-XXIIIBP

Can also be used in DC500 and DC800 dirt canister. 

VacuMaid Garage Vacs and Valet ATQ300


Sealed bag units incorporate a two-layer disposable cloth bag for superior filtration.

The bags are made from PP (Polypropylene) plastic (one layer is woven, the other is spun-bond).

Optimum fine particle filtration
Filtration efficiency 90.7 % EN1822-3  (Most Penetrating Particle Size, MPPS: Typically between 0.05 and 0.3
Dust retention of 98.4%% efficiency

Weight g/m2 100.6
Thickness: 320 um
Air permeability l/m2.s 221.5


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