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VacuMaid Plastic Bags for 12 Inch Vacuum Unit - 4 Pack

VacuMaid Plastic Bags for 12 Inch Vacuum Unit - 4 Pack

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Replacement can liner for 12” dirt canisters that have Air Channel. This bag is a replacement for 12” dirt canisters with Air Channel and makes emptying the canister much simpler.  

Bag wont stay in place? Need a Clip?

It works in the 12″ DC1200 dirt canister of the following brands VacuMaid, AstroVac, Valet and more. Fits the DC1200 dirt can in the following units: P225, S1600, S1660, S2600, and S2700. Fits the bottom can for single piece systems including: ATQ160, ATQ180, P110, P112, P125P, S1200, S2000, SR12, SR14, SR40V, SR44, and SR46.

Use for easy maintenance when disposing of debris.  Simply remove bottom can, take out can liner and throw away.  No puffs of dust as you dump the can.  Clean and simple.

When flat, bag measures 22″ x 12″. This bag can only be used if dirt canister has bag clip and air channel.

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